Welcome to the first Fire Arts Symposium! This event is an event dedicated wholly to in-depth, hands-on study of any medieval art that involves fire.

Here, you can immerse yourself in the work and learn things which can't be taught in a short class, and maybe take something home with you. Teachers have a venue for those projects which just can't fit into most other events.

We are still eagerly seeking more classes and teachers! If you have a class you would like to offer, contact the Event Steward and/or the track lead.


Site Fees:
Adults: $8
Children 6-17: $4 Children under 5 free
$5 SCA Non-Member surcharge
Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc. – Barony of the Flame

Site opens: 1pm 30 Aug
Site closes: 1pm 2 Sep

Site address: 13476 Rineyville Rd Vine Grove, KY 40175

Classes: TBA

Event Stewart and Reservationist:: THL Briana Morgan of the Valley (Kenda McCormack)
13476 Rineyville Rd
Vine Grove, KY 40175
270-828-4027 (please no calls after 9pm)

Metal Track Sponsored by Master Philippe de Lyon
Glass Track Sponsored by THL Keeley the Tinker
'Other' Track Sponsored by THL Briana Morgan of the Valley

Directions to site:
Download Directions in Word or PDF:

Directions from the West via I64.
- Take the IN-135 exit, EXIT 105, toward Palmyra/Corydon
- Turn right onto IN-135 S
- Go 16.2 miles
- IN-135 turns into Bypass Rd
- Go 4.4 miles
- Turn slight right onto KY-448/Brandenburg Rd. Continue to follow Brandenburg Rd
- Go 7.6 miles
- Brandenburg Rd becomes Joe Prather Hwy S/KY-144/KY-313
- Go 2.6 miles
- Turn right onto KY-144
- Turn right onto Rineyville Rd/KY-1600 before Fire Station.
- House is on your left, .5 mile from the Fire Station.

Directions from North/East via I65
- Merge onto Joe Prather Hwy N/KY-313 N via EXIT 102 toward Radcliff/Vine Grove
- Go 17.8 miles
- Turn left onto KY-144
- Take the left at the Fire Station onto Rineyville Rd/KY-1600
- House is on your left, .5 mile from the Fire Station.

Directions from South via I-65
- Take the Wendell H Ford Western Kentucky Parkway exit, EXIT 91, toward US-31W/Paducah/Elizabethtown
- Take the WK Parkway exit on the left toward US-31W-BYPYP/Fort Knox/Paducah
- Merge onto Wendell H Ford Western Kentucky Pky W toward US-31W-BYP/Fort Knox/Paducah
- Take the US-31W-BYPYP N exit, EXIT 136, toward Ft Knox
- Merge onto Elizabethtown Byp/US31-W Byp N
- Turn left onto N Dixie Hwy/N Dixie Ave/US-31W N
- Turn left onto Ring Rd (Walgreens on the left)
- Turn right onto Rineyville Rd/KY-1600
- Go 4.3 miles
- Enter roundabout and take the 3rd Exit onto Rineyville Rd
- Go 6.3 mile
- House is on the right a little over 1 mile inside Meade County Line.

Note* Once you pass the 1 mile marker for Meade county you will go up a slight incline. Driveway will be on your right at the base of the hill. There are two driveways side by side, take the second drive.

Note** These directions are not the quickes but are the most direct with the fewest twists and turns.

August 30 - September 2, 2013 at:
13476 Rineyville Rd
Vine Grove, KY 40175

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Site Details:

Site opens 1 pm Friday, Aug.31st, closes 1pm Monday, September 3rd.

Pets: are allowed at the site but must be leashed, controlled and cleaned up after at all times. There are neighbors with dogs and the site owner has a dog as well.

Fire: Well what would a fire symposium be without fire? You may have in ground fire pits, but they must be monitored at all times for safety and filled in before you leave.

Noise restriction: Information available soon.

Facilities: 5 acres and a 40x70 pole barn.
Port-o-Johns will be available.
This is a camping event, so be prepared.

Water: Potable water is available.
Please contact the event steward for your water needs, so some negotiating with the county water company can be arranged.

Electricity: Electricity is available from the barn. Outlets are limited; if you expect to need electricity, let the event steward know early. If you need electricity but are teaching outside the barn, bring your own extension cord.

Food: The nearest food is 6 miles offsite. It includes Italian or Chinese. The next closes restaurants are 12 miles away and include McDonalds. Not sure if we will have Inns established to take care of food on-site will update once we have volunteers.

To bring: Specific supplies for your art, tables and chairs.

For our students: Please remember this event involves fire. Lots of Fire. And heat and hot little bits of glass or metal or coals and ash. Please be sure to wear natural fiber clothing. This is a garbed event, but if your garb isn’t suitable for working with fire, please wear modern clothing for your own safety. Long hair should be tied back and if possible covered with natural fiber cloth. No open toed shoes please.

Tentative Schedule of Events

Class Schedule
Download the class schedule (.xlsx)
Download the class schedule (.xls)

Class List
Glass Track A:

• Decorative Techniques for Stained Glass Part One and Two: With Mistress Kirsten Thorsteinsdóttir
Decorative Techniques for Stained Glass: What makes medieval glass “Medieval”? How can you take your projects to the next level? In this 2-part class, we will first discuss the three main decorative techniques used in the Middle Ages and how you can incorporate these techniques into your projects (2 hours). In the second part of the class, you will have a chance to paint a piece of mouth-blown glass and your piece will be fired so that you can take it home at the end of the day (1 hour class, you are welcome to stay on through the firing process if you wish). No class fee. A basic knowledge of stained glass terminology is preferred. Lecture class size unlimited, hands-on class size limited to the first 6 people to sign up in the lecture class.

• Beginner Enamelling with Baroness Camilla de Reynard
2.5 hours $10 Materials fees $3 for the handout, class limit of 5

Baisic Mosaic with HL Luckie of Falcon’s Keep
This class will be a hands on class where you will get to work with glass and cement to make a small mosaic tile. Students will learn the basics of breaking glass & mixing their own cement. Period techniques and practices will be discussed. Must wear close toed shoes & clothes that could get ruined.

• Basse-taille sequence (2 classes) with Master Francis Bean from Meridies
Basse-taille is a period technique where a piece of metal was carved or engraved with patterns and then a thin layer of transparent coloured enamel was put over the design. These classes are intended to be taken in sequence. Combined class fee: $10 Combined class limit: 6 students

Students will learn basic hammered engraving techniques on copper-alloy plates for a small enameled plaque. Tools and materials will be provided. As this class is very hands-on, documentation will be kept to a minimum. The class project requires exceptionally good close-up vision; if you have an optivisor or other hands-free magnification device, please consider bringing it. If you have a preferred lightweight hammer (4 oz or lighter), please consider bringing it. Expected time: 4 hours Allergy hazard warnings: Nickel-bearing alloys in use. Engravers pitch contains pine rosin.

• Basse-taille sequence (2 classes) with HL Luckie of Falcon’s Keep
In this hands-on part 2 of the class you will learn basic torch fire enameling, the history of enameling, and how to apply the technique to the engraved plaques made in part one. Tools and materials will be provided. Expected time: 2 hours Class Requirements: Must wear closed toe shoes and clothes you are able to get dirty.

• Plique A Jour Enameling with HL Luckie of Falcon's Keep
This period pierce-work vitreous enameling technique creates pieces described as miniature stained glass. In this hands-on class you will be learning the history & how to apply the techniques to make your own pieces. Students will learn how to pierce-work & then fill the holes with glass to make a medallion. All tools & materials will be provided.

Max # students: 6
Teacher: HL Luckie of Falcon's Keep
Class fee: $7.00
Class Requirements: Must wear closed toe shoes and clothes you are able to get dirty.

Glass Track b:

• Beadmaking Tools for Beginners with THL Keely the Tinker
Basic Beadmaking Discussion: What tools and materials are needed to get started making lampwork beads.

• Beginning beadmaking with THL Keely the Tinker
Basic beadmaking: Learn to Pull Stringer, make a bead and make a bead with basic decoration. $5 materials fee.

• Basic Murrine with Rois Alann inghean Ui Fhlaithbheartaigh
Join us as we learn to make and use some basic "ray" or "sun" murrini. We will learn how to build and pull the cane, and then use our murrini to make a bead

• Twisted or Spotted with THL Keely the Tinker
Learn to make simple twisted stringer. Learn how to apply twisted cane or dots for decorated effects

• Shapes with THL Keely the Tinker
Learn to use heat, gravity and simple tools to create a variety of shaped beads

• Open Torch time with THL Keely the Tinker
Open torch time for beginners to practice what they've learned

• Deconstructing the Bead with THL Keely the Tinker
How to plan out the layers of glass needed to make certain patterns and designs using a study of historic beads Hands on playing with clay for visual aids

• Glass Headed Pins with "Mwynwen Ysginidd" Called Strawberry
Now that you know how to do Basic lamp working make your self some glass headed pins to use as veil pins or to hold your hair or to make wire rings. $3 (for gas use) $1 for pins &\or wire to make a ring Class limit based on how many torches are available Required to have taken basic lamp working or the authorization of Tinker or Lucky. If you have created your own stringers in a basic class bring them if you like.

• Period beadmaking Furnace Construction with THL Keely the Tinker
Lecture concerning the historic evidence and probability of furnace types. Discussion of building a furnace for home or portable use. These furnaces may also be utilized for casting.

• Period beadmaking Demonstration with THL Keely the Tinker
Using a period furnace, open fire and bellows - see period bead construction

Metal Track

• Basic Blacksmithing: making an S hook or a Fire Striker with Kendrick Cameron
making choice of S-hook, tent stake or fire striker (flint not included) limit 10 hands on, open to watch. $3 requested for materials.

• Basic Fire starting using a steel striker DEMO with HL Æiric ørvender
Demonstration of period firestarting using a flint and steel striker

• Forge Welding with Kendrick Cameron

• Open Shop with Kendrick Cameron
Iron/Steel Petting Zoo: handle different types of steel, more focused on metalurgy

Casting Shop

• Pewter casting lecture class with Master Avery
This is a lecture class that will discuss safety and how to make molds for pewter casting. Once you have had the class you can participate in the open workshop where you can make a mold and cast your own pewter token. Taught by Master Avery

• Multiple part molds with Master Avery
this is an advanced lecture class that will talk about making two, three, and four part molds for coins, buttons and other 3 dimensional objects. Use the knowledge from this class in the open workshop to make a mold. Taught by Master Avery

• Pewter Casting open worshop
This is the hands on portion where you get to make a mold and cast a couple of pieces to take home. Material fees based on the mold material. Will be between $3-5 dollars. Toolls and advice will be available. Workshop will be open all day on Saturday and Sunday. • Bronze Casting Participatory experiment/demonstration by Maitre Philippe de Lyon
DEMO Will be attempting to do bronze casting using a 16th century portable furnace. If it works we will be casting some small items and a hand bell.

Johannes' Shop

• Alchemy and Pigments with Master Johannes
Class goals:

1. Learn about certain red pigments used in medieval and Renaissance europe
2. Make those pigments according to medieval and modern guides
3. Learn how medieval and Renaissance people thought about the chemical process involved, and connect it to the practice of alchemy.

Gunnar's Shop

• Basic Viking Wire Weaving with Gunnar
Learn the basics of wire weaving (trichinopoly) including starting, adding wire, and basic finishing.
Class fee of $10 covers notes and materials. Class limit 8. (3 hrs)

• Stone Set Ring with Gunnar
Learn to make a silver ring set with a cabachon stone in a bezel setting. This class will cover a number of basic jewelry processes and is designed with the beginner in mind, including hard soldering.
Class fee $20 covers notes, silver, and stone. Class limit is 8. (4 hours)

• Principles of Design with Gunnar
This lecture will discuss how the elements of design are utilized for specific purposes (emphasis, rhythm, pattern, contrast, etc.) within the visual arts. No charge, but there will be limited handouts.

• Elements of Design with Gunnar
This lecture will discuss the elements of design (line, shape, color, texture, value, space) and how they are used in the visual arts. No charge, but there will be limited handouts.

Reinhold's Shop

• Norse Torc with Reinhold Von Glier
Students can contact me, at david@goetta.com The Torc class will have a $15 (normal) or $25 (massive) materials fee, depending on the size torc they want. Limit five

• Designing for Success with Reinhold Von Glier

• Blacksmithing on a Budget with Reinhold Von Glier

Constanza's Shop

• Loop-in-loop chain: making a fine silver chain with findings with Mistress Constanza C X de Valencia, OL
The class will learn a brief history of loop in loop chains and will move quickly into a hands-on project to complete a fine silver chain with findings. Some experience with a torch helpful, but not required. # students limited to 6. material fees $25 (could be more or less depending on cost of silver. Class times. Chain making is very small work and can be tiring, so the class will be two days and 4 hours each day.

Wire Shop

• Wire Production in Period/wire drawing with Maitre Philippe
We will be discussing various methods of producing wire. We will then be using a method out of 14th century wood cut to draw wire. Lecture/participation.

• 14th Century Wire wrapped Rings with Mwynwen Ysginidd Called Strawberry

• Penannular Brooche & Fibulas with Mwynwen Ysginidd Called Strawberry
Learn to make Fibulas and a Cloak Pin Class fee $ 5 10 people class limit.


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