My name is Maiosara Sauromatis.I am the current Minister of Arts and Sciences for the Barony of the Flame. My role is to promote, educate and encourage our members to recreate the culture of the middle ages. My personal interests within the Society include: sewing, illumination, weaving, and knitting. I especially love reading about ancient textiles.
In my mundane life I am a youth mentor.

What are the Arts and Sciences?

The Arts would include activities that are aesthetically based, such as:
  • Calligraphy, illumination, bead work, sewing, weaving, music, and dance.

Sciences could be listed to include things such as:
  • Armoring, brewing, vinting, lapidary, leatherwork, woodcarving and weapon making.

This is an very incomplete list and is only meant to suggest the scope of possibilities. I encourage those with questions/ideas/suggestions to contact me.

For information about Arts and Science please contact
Lady Maiosara Mistress of Arts and Sciences.

Upcoming A&S Activites

If you know of a useful link that you would like added to this page please contact the Mistress of Arts and Sciences.

Arts and Science Links

Keep your eye on this space for more great A&S Links.

Scribal Links:

Scribblers Calligraphy Supplies, Guideline Sheet Generator

Free Library of Philadelphia’s digital collection of medieval and Renaissance

The British Library's Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

Medieval Manuscripts in Dutch Collection

University of Salzburg Library, Special Manuscript Collections

Yale University - Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscript Collection

Colombia Digital Scriptorium

National Library of the Netherlands - Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford - Images of Manuscripts

Durham Cathedral Muniments - A selection of Medeival Documents

Hill Museum and Manuscript Library

University of Aberdeen - The Aberdeen Bestiary

University of Pennsylvania - Penn Library Special Collections

University of Oregon - The Burgess Manuscript Collection

University of Cambridge - The Life of King Edward the Confessor

University of Heidelberg - Codex Manesse

National Gallery of Art - Italian Manuscript Illumination from the Getty Museum

Syracuse University Library - Medieval Manuscripts

National Library of Medicine - Medieval Manuscripts

Kingdom AA&S Links.

Middle Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences page.
This site has all sorts of A&S information.

Phiala's String Page

Weaver Links:

Weaver's Hand

Historic Links:

WWWorld of Archaeology

Viking Resources for the Re-enactor

A good source for Norse information. York Archaeological Trust

Yet More Arts and Science Links

Sewing Links:

Reconstructing History - Patterns and Notions

Elizabethan Costume Page

Pleatwork Embroidery/Smocking

Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery

Historical Needlework Resources

Basic Reasearch Links:

Viking Answer Lady

Caiadoc's Miscellany - Collection of Articles and Recipes

Stefan's Florilegium

Karen Larsdatter's Material Culture Links Pages for the Middle Ages and Renaissance (arranged by subject)

Medieval Pavilion Resources (more than tents)

Pottery and Glasswork:

Museum of London - Glass and Pottery

Museum of Medieval & Encaustic Tile

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